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If you are looking for Public Access Barristers to assist you anywhere in the UK, you can get in contact directly.

UK Wide Services – Public Access Barristers can travel to
your local court and provide advice and
support via the telephone and online.
Opening Times – 7am to 11.30pm Mon – Sun
Weekend & Evenings

Save money by instructing Public Access Barristers

Services for Individuals & Businesses

Areas of Law Covered

Family Law
Children’s Act & Contact Applications
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Post-Nuptial Agreements
Probate Advice & Advocacy
Motoring / Motor Offences: Drink Driving,
Speeding & Driving Bans
Defamation: Libel, Slander, Reputation
Management & Data Protection
Commercial Litigation
Breach of Contract
Intellectual Property
Landlord & Tenant
Insolvency – Companies Winding Up
Consumer Credit Act
Banking & Financial Disputes
Civil Litigation
Cross Border Disputes
Corporate / Company Law Disputes
Internet Law
Property Law
It is free to get a quote.

It is better financially to get legal
advice and advocacy from a Barrister
directly. The savings in doing so are
substantial. Ordinarily you would instruct
a Solicitor to instruct a Barrister. The
Solicitor would charge you for instructing
the Barrister. If you go direct to a
Barrister you save in costs.

Payment is only made after you are happy
with the figure quoted.

Public Access Barristers deal with a number of areas of law relevant to businesses and members of the public including Company, Finance, Tax, Insolvency and Property Litigation.

Public Access Barristers can assist by helping to meet your particular legal advisory requirements. Public Access Barristers can help clients who are defending and pursuing claims.

Get in contact with Public Access Barristers as soon as you can.

Barristers can deal with Public Access work and it is particularly useful when they are authorised to conduct litigation.

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